I like the brevity of “about” sections in twitter, yet I find there are many different ways of writing a really quick description of myself, all focusing on one side. So here are several quick ways of summing me up in a sentence:

  • Enthusiastic venture analyst looking to support the next generation of technology in education.
  • Improv and design thinking coach passionate about teaching others to play with status, character, and story (see improv.ventures)
  • Eternal student always learning and building off of my Stanford coursework in Biology, Computer Science, Education, and Neuroeconomics.
  • Soccer player, biker, infrequent flier. I stand in lines with the rest of us/them.
  • Born in Wisconsin. Now in Los Altos Hills. What?
  • Educator, hiking leader, improvisational analyst. Works in #edtech with @nsvf. Formerly @stanford. Generally pumped on the world.

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