I have been trying to start a blog for a while. I have been nervous about various aspects like quality and “brand.” How good does my idea just have to be? If I am going to link to this from a twitter handle that is also work related, how relevant to work do my ideas have to be?

Even Boromir struggles to keep his profile up to date.

Even Boromir struggles to keep his profile up to date.

My new theory: just write it. Just show people my brain. I’m not polished. This is a blog. I have ideas. I have short sentences. I have longer sentences that morph into ideas that build but more often flow into a completely different idea. Sometimes I will delete and rewrite, other times I won’t.

I guess the challenge is to feel like the internet is a safe place. I like to be open and up front, but it is difficult to deal with not knowing my audience. I am always trying to be sensitive to my audience to communicate my message in a way that will be well received. You cannot please everyone with a blog.

So: I will find a voice. I think it will be shorter posts, with fewer theses (my formal writing training always involved a thesis and evidence). Perhaps they will just be observations, or thoughts, or who knows.

But they will be blog posts, so there.

Game on.